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Katie Daley (photo: Pete Dell)

Photo Copyright 2005 Pete Dell
Creative Solutions Photography

from "Coyote at the Wheel":

And I get so
I want to say something back to all that
but I don't know what it is
If there's music
my gates unhitch and gyrate
off into the Milky Way
my hips and pelvis become fireflies
they say fire
they say
There's nothing more meaningful to say than this
and I say
Will you be a body around me?
Will you dance with me?

Look, let's face it
time is a bust
space is a bang
and here we lie the scattered pieces
falling apples that have rolled to a stop
We may spend our entire lives
learning how to taste the bruises
and swallow them whole

Katie Daley will rock the house with heart and fire, righteous indignation and humor, sweet and stinging poetry to make you think, make you feel, make you embrace your human self, your conscious thought, your own truth.
(Syracuse, NY)

Katie at the Beachland Ballroom

Photo by Scott Krupkin

Since 1999, Katie Daley has been raising a ruckus of goose bumps and exclamations on the performance poetry circuit across the US and Canada. She is a seasoned veteran of four National Poetry Slams, and in 2004, she won third place in the World Competition of the Canadian Wordlympics in Ottawa. Since the summer of 2001, Katie and her inner quintet of characters have been hitting the road on a regular basis to bring Full Blast Alive: Voices from the Ruby Side, her one-woman show of poetic monologues, to various venues around the USA and Canada.

Katie's work has been published in various journals and anthologies, including Seneca Review, Puckerbrush Review, Pudding Magazine, Art Crimes, Take Back the Mic, and Freedom to Speak: National Poetry Slam 2002. She has produced Full Blast Alive: Voices from the Ruby Side, a CD of her show, as well as three chapbooks: Red Hot Mangoes and Voodoo Juice (2000), Coyote at the Wheel (2003) and Venus and the Hitchhikers (2007).

In 2003, Katie received an Individual Artists Fellowship from the Ohio Arts Council, and in 2004, she was the Summer Fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts. She is also the recipient of a 2006 Individual Creativity Excellence Award from the Ohio Arts Council. Of all the occupations in the cosmos, she's chosen to be a poet because it's the one that makes her feel the most present and alive. It's her hope that the poems she writes make that feeling as contagious as possible.

Katie suspends judgment and tends to her characters, to her images, and to the moments within her poems,with generous mother-hearted excess. And it makes for glorious listening.
(Boston, MA)

Katie at Reading

Do you think your Irish lass character could send me a lock of her hair?
(Kent, OH)

I loved your show so much I felt like throwing my underpants on stage.
(Las Vegas, NV)

from "Ode to Joy":

my trunk
just won't stay shut when I'm with you
it's so full of acrobats and otters
and the broken-off bottoms
of high-heeled dancing shoes
And when you put your hand on my thigh
daisies sprout up from my kneecaps, baby


Katie with Broom

Photo by MJ

from "A.W.O.L.":

They keep telling us it's a free country now, brother,
so let's be free and go AWOL
scrape these desert boots from our feet
and hobble around
down by the blown-out barber shops and cafes
where neon signs lie blinking in the rubble
and one spiked, high-heeled shoe full of ashes
stands all lonely in the square
Katie gave us a wonderfully disturbing evening clouded over with joy and with sheer tear-drooled overwhelment.
(Boston, MA)
Katie with Broom

Photo by Laura Kulber

from "Breaking Bread at the Venus Diner":

In their other lives they want work
no more than an oyster
wants to stretch out in Rockefeller sauce
across its own half shell
no more than the whale wants to spiral up
from a Disneyworld pool
to blow its nose for the crowd
no more than the trainer
wants to hold out the blanket-sized handkerchief.
No more than I
want to go on sighting my reflection
in the blue Ajax sea of other people's toilets.
In this life, they ask.

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