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Katie Daley

But one day I woke up, put on a ballerina tutu, and pedaled my bicyclette away
to join the circus. I became a trapezist, a dancer in the circus sky.
I made my life exquisite,
full of risks, peanuts, muscles and drum rolls.
I have a thousand hearts now

they fly in and out between my ribs like mourning doves in the rafters.
Now, at night, I travel inside the songs
heaved at the moon by dogs and trumpets,
I twist myself to the fuse of the willow tree firework
that bursts in the dark and weeps
a little bit longer than the rest.

--from "Katerina's Cure for Jealousy"

I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a poet more.
Or wept along with one. Katie has my heartfelt gratitude.
--Boston, MA

Poet, performer, and teacher, Katie Daley has hit the road countless times to bring her word-music to theaters, schoolrooms and nightclubs across the US and Canada. As a backup plan, in case she ever runs out of poetry gigs, she keeps a suitcase in her trunk overspilling with circus outfits and confetti.

Performer... Katie Daley was spectacular last night—the audience was riveted. Her charisma filled the room and then some! (Berkeley, CA)

Teacher... Katie Daley was truly amazing! She radiated her pure joy in poetry. She gave us guidelines and prompts we could really sink our teeth into. Please bring her back next year!!! (writers’ festival participant)

Writer and Editor... JESUS CRISTO! I still can't take the smile off my face. I can express how IMPRESSED I am with Katie's editing. Everything I wanted to say was eloquently said thanks to her. (Paul B., editing customer)

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